Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

Exchange student life

Hi everyone,
my name is Leila and I'm an exchange student from Switzerland. I'm studying International Business Management in Basel (Switzerland), Lörrach (Germany) and Colmar (France). As it wasn't enough for me to study only in three countries at the same time, I decided to come to the US to learn the American way of living, to bring my English to perfection and particularly to learn from the best from business perspective.

Since my arrival, six weeks ago, I have observed the beauty of this City in very different ways.
La Jolla: The place I live is a place like in Hollywood movies (at least for a person coming from Switzerland like me). Who ever thought the beauty of California is exagerated, he is wrong.

UCSD: My Campus is as huge as my City I live in Switzerland. I have to confess I'm not a person who likes to walk a lot, a fact everyone knows in my circle of frineds and my family. Studying on this huge campus, leaves me no other choice than to run between the South and the North of the campus in only 10 minutes time inbetween the classes.
Something I do like is shopping-which girl doesn't by the way- especially when I can do that on campus between two courses.  Having a Burger King, Panda Express and a bunch of other fast food chaines on campus is not  a big deal for Americans BUT a huge one for European people coming from a place where organic food is their religion...I promised everyone to not gain weight while my stay in the US, but having this offer, it's going to be a hard way to go.

Studentlife: The offer which is made for students on campus with all the communities, fraternities and sororities is a total different way of networking compared to what I'm used to in Switzerland. Eventhough I do not participate in any of these groups because my stay(3.5months ) is just to short, I've heard a lot of it and was positively surprised. Furthermore the options for doing sports are amazing for athletic students- which is not the case for me.
Besides the academic groups, students can enjoy a good balance between studying and living their lives in general. Student can go out and meet other people from all over the world which is so amazing. As an international student, it is hart to get in touch with american students. The reason might be a simple one, for instance american have their own routine life, or they are so busy with studying and all the on campus options I mentioned before, so that they just don't have time left to meet people like me.
My goal is set, I will try my best to change this fact. I cannot go back home and tell everyone how great the people I met were, without mentioning any American.